Graduate project

Integrated and segregated after-class activities of hearing-impaired students at California State University-Northridge

The mainstreaming of hearing-impaired students in the classroom setting has appreciated more than reasonable success at California State University-Northridge, mainly due to special support services provided by Support Services to Deaf Students at the National Center of Deafness. Without such assistance as interpreting, notetaking, tutoring, and counseling, the classrooms would not be accessible to those students with special needs. But what about after-class activities for the hearing-impaired students at CSUN? Are support services extended to meet those needs? Are the students also mainstreamed outside the classroom? Or do the students prefer segregated organizations and activities? This paper attempts to generally define the other significant aspect of the deaf students' college life -- of opportunities that can help students develop not only intellectually but physically, emotionally, and socially as well.