Masters Thesis

A Proposal for ensuring quality through continued monitoring of patient wait times

This organization currently operates numerous Patient Service Centers where specimens are collected for clinical testing. Many times these sites are failing to meet the corporate standard of 15 minute patient wait times. The organization currently has many quality initiatives that help ensure accurate patient results, but they are not as focused on patient wait times. This program proposes a continuous quality improvement process that will allow the organization to identify areas of weakness, and make the necessary changes needed to ensure patient waits are kept to a minimum. The proposed program will require an initial baseline assessment of all sites, and further analysis of those that are underperforming. This analysis will lead to operational changes and efficiencies being implemented to help raise the performance of the site. The changes will be unique to each site, and based on the operational analysis the program will provide. There will be an ongoing performance evaluation to ensure that the program is successful at achieving its goal of reducing patient wait times. Ultimately, the program will help raise awareness of the importance of patient wait times within the organization. It is recommended that focusing on patient waits will not only improve patient satisfaction with the service the company provides, but also help identify operational efficiencies that may lead to cost savings. It is also recommended that the corporation require affiliated laboratories to report patient wait times as a quality indicator that their performance is measured on.

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