Measurement of the tt production cross section in pp collisions at √s=196 TeV using lepton+ jets events with lifetime b-tagging

We present a measurement of the top quark pair (View the MathML sourcett¯) production cross section (View the MathML sourceσtt¯) in View the MathML sourcepp¯ collisions at View the MathML sources=1.96 TeV using 230 pb−1 of data collected by the DØ experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider. We select events with one charged lepton (electron or muon), missing transverse energy, and jets in the final state. We employ lifetime-based b -jet identification techniques to further enhance the View the MathML sourcett¯ purity of the selected sample. For a top quark mass of 175 GeV, we measure View the MathML sourceσtt¯=8.6−1.5+1.6(stat.+syst.)±0.6(lumi.) pb, in agreement with the standard model expectation.