Student Research

A Survey on Mobile Phone Security Practices, Usage Patterns, and Proposed Strategy for Securing Mobile Phones for College Students

With regards to new malware, mobile phones are becoming a more delectable prey over the desktop computer. For 2014, McAfee predicts not only an increase in the growth of malware targeting mobile phones, but also new types of platform‐specific attacks. We are still living in a functionality‐over‐security mindset that has yet to catch up with the times. This should instill a reasonable amount of concern into mobile phone users who increasingly rely on their devices for productivity and recreation ‐‐from working professionals to college level students. In this empirical study, I will test my conjecture that university students pursuing technical majors (Information Systems and Computer Science) take better precautions in the security of their mobile devices over non‐technical majors. A survey sampling of undergraduate students examines mobile phone usage patterns, security concerns and practices. Based off the results, a strategy on securing mobile devices is proposed for the college level.


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