Opinions of a selected sample of women of characteristics of present and future fashions

A three part questionnaire was designed and utilized to obtain women's opinions about recent fashion designs. The first part of the form gathered personal information about the respondent's age, family size, residence, educa­tion, occupation, marital status and number of social groups to which she currently belonged. The second part dealt with the respondent's apparent knowledge and interest in fashions as measured by her participation in fashion related activities, her reading of magazines containing fashion news,her attendance at fashion shows and her predictions of future fashion trends. Third, the questionnaire solicited the women's opinions about eighteen fashion sketches which were typical of clothing worn during the past ten years. The one hundred eighty-nine women were analyzed within five groups: Business Women currently employed in fashion related positions Home Economics Instructors, Home Economics Students, Adult Education Dressmaking class members, and others. There appeared to be substantial differences of opinion among the women when measured against their age, number of social groups to which they belonged, magazines read, fashion shows attended, participation and employment in fashion related fields. Generally, it was found that the Business Women and the Home Economics Students were the fashion leaders as far as accepting newer designs by actually owning or planning to own the fashion. The Pants Suit and the A-Line Dress were the top fashion choices of the women while the Midi was the least chosen. Of the first seven fashion choices five of the designs were some form of pants. This may indicate a trend toward women wearing pants more frequently than ever be­fore.