Masters Thesis

Divers' preferences and proposals for underwater park management at Carmel Bay, California.

The California State Park system, hereafter referred to as CalDPR, has sought for five years to include Carmel Bay, California, in its park system as an underwater park. Carmel Bay is approximately 15 km (5 mi ) in area, located between Pescadero Point, 36°33'40"N by 121°56130"W, and Carmel Point (Point Lobos) at 35°33'40"N by 121°55'42"W, immediately south of the Monterey Peninsula (Fig. 1). It is about 125 km (80 mi.) south of the city of San Francisco, and is a popular weekend trip for visitors from the Bay Area and inland cities such as Sacramento and Fresno. Since the advent of recreational diving in the 1950's, divers have found that the subtidal scenery here is equally as beautiful as the world-famous beauties of its shoreline.

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