Barriers to mental health services among arminian-american aged 55 and over

The purpose of this study is to identify the barriers that prevent older Armenian-Americans aged 55 and over, who live in residential buildings, from accessing mental health services. Limited research exists on the berries older Armenian-Americans encounter while trying to access mental health services. The available research found that there is a significant under-utilization rate of mental health services by ethnically diverse groups. This research was a quantitative study, for which sampling took place in Magnolia Towers, a residential building which houses a diverse group of older Armenian American adults. Survey questionnaires were distributed to one hundred Armenian residents at the building and a sample size of 37 completed surveys was collected as a result. Researchers concluded that, depending on the age, length of residency, language proficient and education levels, the significance of identified barriers of accessing mental health services might wary among Armenian American older adults.