Developing a Website to Support the Survival of First-Year Teachers of Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

The product of this project is a website to help a new Education Specialist teachers serving student with moderate and severe disabilities to succeed in responding to the challenges of starting their new job in their first year. The website is named and provides specific examples on a month-to-month basis of how to handle the issues of scheduling, curriculum, technology and troubleshooting. It illustrates 1) how behavior support is your best friend, 2) how technology and online programs can be used to more effectively teach the children, 3) how to communicate positively with the classroom paraeducators so a classroom is a nurturing environment, and more. Included in the website are “dos and don’ts” covering many situations. The website is designed to help a new teacher have tools and flexibility to handle several likely situations hopefully enjoy unchartered terrain.