Use of picture books with middle school students and the influence on attitude and comprehension of unfamiliar historical content

The effects of picture books on middle school students' attitudes and comprehension of unfamiliar historical content was investigated. A class of sixth grade students, studying a unit on ancient Egypt, was read aloud two informational storybooks and two information books. Extension activities and interviews followed each read aloud session. Students were given access to copies of the book after each read aloud. Results indicated that the text structure of picture books, read alouds, and access to copies of the books, had a moderate impact on student recall of detail Further analysis of the data showed that the students' interest about the subject material increased. Students' responses indicated little difference in amount of facts recorded from the informational storybooks as compared to the information books. In the final project, ~ essay and diorama, students showed evidence of comprehension of information from the picture books.