A Marketing Plan for an Architectural Photography Company

My team of future MBA graduates and I have been working on a marketing plan for our client. We are working as consultants for our client's firm to arrive at a the optimal strategy for improving future growth. Our client's business is in good shape they are looking for ways to improve process and increase profits. Throughout the process the team has relished opportunities to polish our analytical and interpersonal skills. The project began with substantial amounts of research to understand our client's business and industry then shifted to primary research focusing on finding evidence to support some hypothesized strategies for revenue growth. Our industry research included SWOT, PESTEL, and a Porter's five forces analysis. Each of these were used to find areas with the most leverage and point us to questions for our primary research. Our primary research consisted of many extensive interviews with more than a dozen of our client's customers. We found that a key lever for our client's architectural photography business was ad-on services. We also researched what customers look for in an architectural photographer and how customers selected our client to work with. The findings that we have made provide us with some recommendations we feel will make significant positive change in our client's business. My individual contributions to the project include competitor analysis, company research and description, analysis of company financials, the Porter's five forces analysis, interviews of our client's customers, as well as, analysis of our combined interview data.