Masters Thesis

An analysis of absenteeism with recommendations to produce culture change within the Resident Service Department at Corporation for Better Housing

The employees in the Resident Service Department at Corporation for Better Housing are currently facing issues such as low morale, little staff appreciation and high stress from increased workload. This organizations current culture, to which the staff has become accustomed, has resulted in negative performance impacting both the employee and employer. Consequently, Corporation for Better Housing is experiencing a high turn-over rate, increased employee cost due to lost personnel time, decreased production and CBH not receiving funding from lenders due to a non-compliant status. Due to the current organization culture, employees avoid work by calling in sick which eventually which too often results in them leaving the company. Identifying the issues that the employees at Corporation for Better Housing are now facing and providing a program that is beneficial to both Corporation for Better Housing and the employees will improve the current situation. Doing so will allow the company to improve the current culture at CBH resulting in a boost in employee morale, high staff appreciation, low instances of absenteeism, increased production and maintaining compliance status with funded lenders.


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