Graduate project

Smart Receptionist Implementing Facial Recognition and Voice Interaction

This project aims on automating the task of a receptionist that includes recognizing people and interacting with them in real time using concepts of Deep Learning exploiting a ML model-based Face Recognition system as the main feature. This would allow a hotel or an office to use this system to have an efficient reception system that will accept customers, interact with them, recognize new or existing faces using facial recognition and schedule appointments or book rooms, etc. The system will allow a customer to feed in facial data and use the algorithm to store that information as an existing customer. From that point on, it used the same recognition anytime the customer logs in again. The project efficiently allows us to record new faces into the system in real-time and later match the same when the user returns with added security features. In addition, the software will be able to interact with the user in real-time and schedule meetings, etc. The main aim of this project is to implement the concepts of machine learning and allow for an efficient facial recognition system with added features for security and an efficient GUI.