The elementary school reading laboratory

The purpose of this project was to locate as much available information pertaining directly to the reading laboratory in journals, magazines, microfilm, and books as possible. The research was then utilized to establish a reading laboratory within each of two elementary schools and synthesized to provide a guide for other teachers attempting a similar endeavor. From the review of literature, certain common ele·- ments within successful reading laboratories were ascertained. These included goals and objectives, delegated roles and responsibilities, organization related to needs, communication, funding, and evaluation. This author atltempted to describe in detail each of these elements and to note the areas in which there was a lack of research. The second portion of this project concerns the author's endeavor to synthesize each of these elements to create a functional elementary school reading laboratory. Each component of the laboratory is discussed as it applied to the situation. A detailed list of recommendations is included in the evaluation section. In conclusion, implications for further research are offered in addition to the general summary. The appendices include a variety of instruments which were found to be of value within the reading laboratory. In addition, various schedules, materials, and diagrams can be found. Hopefully, the information contained in this project will prove valuable to others attempting to establish a reading laboratory.