Graduate project

A need for an organization of supervising teachers in the education of the deaf

Foreword. The purpose of this independent study is an effort to present a constructive persuasion on why there ls a need for an organization of supervising teachers within the framework of the Conference of Executives of American Schools for the Deaf. Since this is a one man study and the opinions are of one person, there is not any intention to give a specific title to the proposed association of supervising teachers nor is there an attempt to delineate the framework of the organization at the present. This is being done because it would be a more positive approach to take in the feelings, opinions and suggestions of superintendents, principals and supervising teachers concerning this proposal. When colleagues with similar interests congregate, with the purpose to function as a working force, there are usually better results in attaining the goals they seek. In the meantime, one supervising teacher out of the total of all supervising teachers in residential and day schools and day classes for the deaf is expressing his thoughts in this independent study on the need and initiation of this kind of association. There will be a need to involve many more people to do much more work on the framework of the organization.