The Effectiveness of Current Teaching Strategies to Learning Chemical Equilibrium and Buffers by College Level Students

The knowledge of chemistry is very important to many different fields of science and industry; therefore, we need to optimize how much learning occurs by students within the time frame of a semester. Data has been gathered from the CHM 1220 general chemistry class taught by Dr. Jodye Selco about two specific difficult topics with the hope of increasing the learning of these two subjects. The topics of this study are Equilibrium (ICE tables in particular) and Buffers. Students provided pre-test and post-test information as well as journal responses to prompts, all of which were graded assignments within the course. The data was then processed by coding student responses on both pre- and post-test responses and inputting this information into a spreadsheet. The data was analyzed to discover the amount of learning, common mistakes made, and usefulness of teaching strategies in an attempt to understand student thinking and learning needs when trying to learn these topics.


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