Homework that works: professional development for teachers

The recent homework debate among scholars, educators, and parents has focused primarily on how much homework students should be assigned. Some argue that American students are falling behind without enough academic practice at home. Others suggest children are doing too much homework and note that achievement has been flat or declining despite a recent increase in homework. The subject of homework quality, however, is often missing from the conversation. Even our teacher education programs fail to give enough attention to homework quality during teacher training, and professional development opportunities are lacking. The purpose of this graduate project is to share best homework practices with secondary school teachers so that they can provide meaningful, engaging, and developmentally-appropriate assignments for their students. To be effective, this professional development workshop draws on the latest research on motivation, adult learning, and transfer of training. The Homework That Works Facilitator's Guide provides all the necessary materials to prepare for and deliver this half-day professional development workshop for high school teachers. With the skills and knowledge needed to assign high-quality homework, teachers can engage students more fully, boosting not only achievement but also a lifelong love of learning.