Properties of Vernier antenna

Antennas are structures that can either transmit or receive electromagnetic radiation. Either a single antenna or multiple antenna elements (antenna array) are used to transmit and receive electromagnetic energy. There are various types of designs available for antennas array. This project aims to design and study properties of a unique array design called Vernier array. This array consists of transmitting and receiving antennas. Spacing between two elements in transmit array is not equal to the spacing between two elements in receive array. Due to this, the multiplication of their radiation patterns would result in narrow main lobe with low side lobes. To obtain an optimized Vernier array design, key parameters contributing to the radiation pattern are varied. The Vernier antenna design presented in this project is a sparse array design. Sparse array has an advantage over other array designs; the number of elements required for an application is far less. Vernier array design is useful for applications, which involve both, transmit and receive array functionalities.