Masters Thesis

Post-secondary programming patterns: a step-by-step guide to designing a student resource program

This project focused on the development and implementation of a tool guide titled, Post-Secondary Programming Patterns: A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing a Student Resource Program. The tool guide is a template with two components: Field A of the guide consists of fillable fields for a user to outline the goals, objectives, and potential outcomes of a new program. It aims to be a resource for program developers who are building a foundation for a new campus program that serves students. Field B of the guide provides users with an example of a completed template that outlines the design, purpose, and objectives of a new program called the Basic Needs Project at CSU Stanislaus. These objectives were accomplished through the collaboration of campus and community partners and research on “basic needs” student services programs in higher education. Identifying allies and encouraging community participation during the beginning stages of the program assisted in the process of obtaining feedback and developing field components. Fields in the tool guide include creating marketing strategies and building campus cultural awareness on student's basic needs insecurity. The next step will be to publish this work with the Stanislaus State Library and make the tool guide accessible for users in the appendices section. Furthermore, the tool guide will be shared with the MSW program and Basic Needs Program at Stanislaus State. The two programs will be prompted and encouraged to make the tool guide accessible to users on their digital platforms.