The impact of auditory training on phonemic awareness abilities in students with learning disabilities

This study examines the impact of auditory training in combination with reading instruction on phonemic awareness in students with learning disabilities. Two groups of 10 students in grades six through eight participated in the study at two different schools. Each student was identified as having a deficit in phonemic awareness. The Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization Test, which determines if a student is phonemically aware, was the apparatus used to collect data and was administered on a pre and post test basis. The auditory training program used was The Listening Program (TLP), which is conducted over an eight-week period, and uses modified music to positively affect one's auditory system. While only one group received the treatment a statistical analysis, using Welch's Unpaired T-Test, found no statistical significance between the two groups. This researcher concludes that the group receiving the treatment did not make significant progress in phonemic awareness when compared to the group that did not participate in TLP.