A catalogue of decoding skill materials for the implementation of instructional objectives in reading

In 1972 the A. E. Wright Middle School, Las Virgenes Unified School District received an NDEA grant and organized a reading laboratory equipped with a wide range of multi-media instructional materials. The program adopted was one of individualized instruction through the use of diagnostic testing and prescriptive teaching. Because of the wide variety of materials available, a need arose for a reference book which could be used to find specific materials for the teaching of a given skill. The following project was created for this purpose. The catalogue is confined to listing instructional materials and objectives for the teaching of the decoding skills. These skills have been divided into two categories phonetic analysis and structural analysis. The skills in each of these areas are listed along with instructional objectives, arranged according to difficulty of skill and complexity of the objective. The materials available for the teaching of each of the specific skills are listed along with page and/or lesson numbers. For organizational purposes the materials have been divided into primary and intermediate levels. In addition, there are two indexes. The first of these lists the skills alphabetically along with the pages on which they may be found. The second index lists the materials, their publishers, and addresses. The catalogue will greatly facilitate the teaching of skills within the reading laboratory program as well as be a useful tool in any classroom where reading is being taught.