The dimensions of task analysis and their feasibility for a physician's assistant training program

PROBLEM: Given the need for a task oriented training program, there is no adequate existing methodology for training physician's assistant. The question then becomes, what method(s) of task analysis could be most readily applied to planning, executing, and evaluating a program of education and training of the Medex Physician's Assistant. The method for answering the above question is to review and analyze the various approaches for task analysis and either directly use or combine them, or create a new approach. Included in the review is determining the dimensions of task analysis approaches and identifying the commonalities and differences among the various approaches. The results of this are then to be tested by analyzing the task of interviewing, with the medical history interview being the vehicle to determine the feasibility of this model in relation to the Medex Program its goals, objectives, purposes and the conceptual model of the Physician's Assistant.