Dance as transformation: an analysis of dance and the beginning level student

This study seeks to add to the underdeveloped body of literature detailing the benefits of dance education. This study examined the attitudes and perceptions of beginning level dance students before their participation in a dance technique course and again at the conclusion of the course to determine if the students’ attitudes and perceptions changed about dance on a personal and social level. Data was collected from five sections of beginning level dance technique courses. This data provided the researcher with necessary information to answer the research questions. A pre-and post-survey was given to students which contained demographic questions, yes or no response questions, and open-ended questions. The demographic questions and the yes or no questions determined the demographic of students and their level of previous dance training. The open-ended questions allowed students to provide a narrative of their experience within the process of studying dance technique. The demographic data and the yes or no response data was analyzed using Excel Spreadsheet programming. The qualitative data was analyzed using a thematic approach and coding sheets. The qualitative data analysis revealed themes that suggested students did have a personal and social connection through the study of dance technique, including enhancing kinesthetic learning, an improved sense of overall well-being, and a positive effect on academic studies.