Impact of one to one computing on student achievement

The purpose of this study was to examine the differences on student achievement among seventh and eighth grade students who were in a one to one computing environment and those who were not. The conducted study was a causal-comparative research design. A treatment group and a comparison group were identified within the same district. This study measured differences in change along with mean scores between first and third trimesters, between and among both groups. Data were reported for English language learners, students with disabilities, and English only learners. The research examined the hypothesis that there is a significant difference in change or mean between first trimester language arts scores, writing scores, and seventh grade writing CST scores between students in the treatment group and those in the comparison group. The data showed statistically significant results reported either on an ANOVA or ANCOVA for the subgroup category of ELL in the areas of 7th grade writing. When comparing the treatment group and comparison group significant results were found with the overall outcome of change or difference in 8th grade writing scores.