Masters Thesis

Truck Driver Staffing Retention Problems and Recommendations

The objective of this project is to attempt to find possible solutions to the current truck driver shortage and retention issues that are plaguing the over-the-road (OTR) freight industry. Currently the truck driving profession is seen as having low desirability when more stable alternative jobs (construction trades, administrative and clerical work, and material handlers) are available that do not involve having the lifestyle of a truck driver. The transportation companies and shippers are the ones that deal with the consequences of this situation, which creates the great need for a solution. The project details the current industry and drivers by exploring the demographics, pay, current migration trends into and out of the industry, technology and how it has affected the industry, as well as the lifestyle. Then the project identifies five possible solutions to increase retention and reduce the issues of driver staffing for companies. While all the proposed solutions are possible, two of the five solutions are then recommended as having the potential for the most success.