Masters Thesis

Writing “equity” is not enough! A case study of the graduation initiative 2025 implementation on a California State University campus

Since 2007, the California State University (CSU) system has partaken in two initiatives in the past: Access to Success and the Graduation Initiative 2015. These initiatives laid the foundation for the most recent initiative, the Graduation Initiative (GI) 2025. The GI 2025’s graduation rate goals for first-year and transfer students have been historic as the initiative has specifically focused on eliminating equity gaps for minoritized students. This research study is a qualitative case study of one CSU campus. This study examined how Student and Academic Affairs administrators implemented the GI 2025 at a respective Hispanic Serving Institution CSU campus, specifically as it relates to equity. By utilizing Critical Race Theory and interest-convergence in the data analysis, findings indicated that the administrators experienced a variety of challenges to implementation, faced with unrealistic expectations, and engaged in performative equity.

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