The correlation between education and incarceration among black males

Mass housing/incarceration has become a systemic problem in our society that the researchers believe can be solved through educational attainment. The researchers believe that individuals with lower levels of education are more likely to be housed/incarcerated than the general population. This study attempts to shed light on existing data collected from the American Survey, 2008-2012 [United States]: Public. The researchers' ultimate goal is to determine if there is a correlation between educational attainment and incarceration among African Americans in the United States. The goal of this research is to begin to shed light on the importance of education in our society to help other researchers begin a dialogue surrounding education as a tool to defer housing/incarceration in our society. The researchers found indications that there is a significant difference between educational attainment and housing/incarceration within the African American population. The researched again hope that this insight will help other researcher explore education and help determine through further research that education should be funded and not defunded as it constantly is, in our lower socioeconomic communities.