Graduate recital in choral conducting

I resumed my musical training at California State University, Northridge with the desire to obtain skills which I can use to serve God and glorify His name. As I entered the master program, I had in mind a picture of a conductor who equally possessed the instrumental as well as choral conducting technique. In my opinion, this concert will reflect all of the above objectives. The "Organ Concerto in G Minor" by Poulenc, with all of the variety of tempo, mood, and demanding instrumental technique, provides challenge to an instrumental conductor. The choral works of Mendelssohn, Handel, and Pachelbel, with the variety of style, choral articulation and sound color, demanding melisma, surely provide a lot of challenges to a choral conductor. The sacred texts, put together in a programmatic fashion, create atmospheres ranging from promise of hope, penitence, forgiveness and praise. The concert was presented by God's people, the people of the Culver-Palms United Methodist Church, and its dedicated members of the chancel choir as a Musical Praise Service offered up to the Glory of God.