Peer-Coaching and Professional Development

As the demand rises for resources and tools to meet the needs of both experienced and inexperienced teachers for self-evaluation and instructional design in order to address the needs of 21st Century learners, there, has emerged a sense of urgency to create good professional development programs. Teachers struggle with the subjective and often judgmental nature of observations and evaluations to meet this demand. The need for highly proficient teachers and successful schools has become more essential in the U.S, which correlates with the need for more relevant and effective teacher evaluation methods. This best practice has become a pivotal aspect of school national standing, healthy learning environments, technological relevance and student success. Therefore, this study and resulting project was created and piloted as a tool to assist teachers of special and general education to teach essential peer-coaching skills through a written medium. The Peer-Coaching Guidebook and program were created to provide both the teacher and the coach with user-friendly resources to utilize in supporting professional development skills. The program engages teachers and incorporates step-by-step instructions, a guidebook, and easy to follow observation forms. Both the guidebook and the research are included in this study.