Managers have the conn! A cyclical process for a unified management methodology

This project highlights the importance of the manager being at the center of all events when working with employees. The intention of the management process is efficient use of each individual procedure within an organization. The following will examine and organize the processes of evaluation, training, and retention based on current research and established studies. The project will give detailed descriptions for evaluation, training, and retention, based on its importance to grasp a general understanding of each section; however, the process itself will show that each section is interconnected and a manager has to keep looking at each segment based on what he may need to accomplish for their organization. Furthermore, each main section of the process has an overlapping segment that addresses any shortage of solutions that the main section might have had and moves the process along to the next section or overlapping segment. The overlapping segments use techniques to help managers narrow the way in which they manage. The emphasis is for managers to have a process. The cyclical process described allows managers to have a method and/or be able to advance their own procedures.