Post-Survival Mythology

My sculptures and installations examine post-survivalist concerns with sustainability and self-sufficiency. I work with materials such as living plants, earth, found objects, and organic fibers not only to develop and maintain systems and processes that are seemingly absurd but also to acknowledge life. Growing and testing the resiliency of plants in myriad environments and constructed systems reflect basic human needs for survival and the drive to find a way to persevere. My drawings express alternative, yet somehow familiar, realities. Words and phrases gleaned from memory and scientific research exist as subtle textual elements that meander among free-flowing, obsessive lines. Meditative and repetitive, the act of drawing releases concerns with the everyday. My work combines the duality of fiction and reality in the aftermath of destruction and environmental instability. I create systems that function as visual hybrids to acknowledge the coexistence of post-survivalist humans and nature, constructing avenues for reciprocal care.