TRANSparency in healthcare CIStems: A look at healthcare providers' perspectives on the barriers that Transgender youth face in accessing health services

The purpose of this research study was to explore how healthcare providers’ understand barriers that Transgender youth face when accessing health services in the East San Fernando Valley. This exploratory study used a survey design and convenience sampling of healthcare providers’. An online survey was used to capture the narratives of participants’; responses were coded and analyzed for emerging and reoccurring themes. A total of nine (9) participants’ completed the online survey. Analysis of the data revealed three major themes related to the access to services for Transgender youth: 1) how healthcare providers’ viewed their role when providing services to Transgender youth; 2) the quality, usefulness, and implementation of healthcare professional training and education; 3) healthcare provider’s perspectives on the barriers that Transgender youth face in accessing health services. The results of this study indicated that six out of nine healthcare providers’ saw their role as having empathy and providing equitable service when providing health services to Transgender youth. Participants’ acknowledged that it is important to provide quality care with respect and equal treatment to Transgender youth. Seven out of nine participants’ reported the need for additional training and education to improve their skills and knowledge related to the delivery and quality of Transgender care within the healthcare field.