What are the home factors that facilitate a kindergartner's reading development in school?

This study examines the home factors that contribute to the reading development of kindergartners. Five children were selected from one school. Parent/caregiver interviews were conducted and questionnaires were subsequently sent to the parents/caregivers of these five students. The results were analyzed and compared to the child's level of reading development in the classroom. Data from the parent interviews and questionnaires, and the beginning of the year assessments and text reading levels of five kindergartners revealed the important role of home literacy events on literacy development. Two main findings of this study are: 1) home literacy events as "jumping off" points for reading development in school, and 2) the myriad of factors that contribute to reading development. Within this myriad of factors, a comparison among the students' home experiences, beginning of the year assessment results and mid-year text reading levels indicate the influence of classroom instruction.