Real life writing and writer's workshop: how one teacher-turned-author TAPES it together

This article reflects upon and links a teacher's real-world experience of trying to publish a children's book about growing up with a gay father with teaching both the skills for writing on demand and the writing process in the classroom. After highlighting her reasons for writing a potentially controversial children's book, the authors emphasizes the importance of honoring student voices while addressing both standards and significant social issues in the lives of our students. The big ideas of TAPE (Bobo, 1995), a learning tool that reminds students to keep Topic, Audience, Purpose, and Elaboration in mind while writing, are explained and linked to the process of Submitting a manuscript for publication. Extending Bobo's acronym to TAPES, the author explains the importance of writing Support in the form of teacher guidance, peer feedback, and the use of writing and reference tools. For aspiring writers, an extremely helpful reference tool called The Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market (2006) is described By giving students support, choice of topics, and a chance to share their work, teachers can make writing meaningful for their students, and illustrate the real world need for writing. Keywords: Topic, Audience, Purpose, Writing, Publishing