Mclaren Hall handbook

As the title page states, this handbook is intended to fulfill the degree requirements for a Graduate Project. The content of this handbook combines a year of graduate study in Counseling and Guidance with eight months of group counseling and supervision as a Deputy Probation Officer 1, MacLaren Hall. My central purpose is to communicate my relevant studies and experiences to the Probation Officers and trainees at MacLaren in handbook form. While there is no scarcity of manuals, articles, books, and studies relating to the management of juvenile delinquents in an institutional setting, I know of no literature relating to children classified as 'non-delinquent children in institution'. These are the children of MacLaren Ball. Since Probation staff receive their init1al training in Juvenile Hall, there is a pressing need for orientation information relating to the management of non-delinquent children. The perspective of this handbook is wider than my own. The Goals and Objectives section was taken word for word from Probation Directives (unpublished). I have collaborated with MacLaren's clinical team (Dr. Allen MacDonald, psychiatrist, and James Pavik, A.c.s.w.) in my discussion of group counseling. Despite my collaborations, I make no claim to total objectivity. My choices about which to include or exclude reflect a subjectivity which is essential in discussing effective group and individual work with children. While information relating to the physical layout of MacLaren is not essential to this handbook, the interested reader may refer to Appendix 1: McLaren Hall.