Blue note: a greater Texas regional blues hearth

The following research is a comprehensive observation of the history, social and cultural conditions and an evaluation of collected data which assisted in the creation of the greater regional Texas blues and its associative hearth. The thesis introduces the geographic and theoretical context and ethno-musical studies and an examination of cultural hearths. Following is a brief history of the blues and elements that make this style quite unique. I introduce the Mississippi Delta and Texas blues and recognize first generation blues artists. Following, social and cultural elements are examined and second and third generation greater Texas blues artists are introduced. Primary data from The Big Book Of Blues Artists and Billboard Magazine are used to make an argument that a greater Texas regional blues hearth has been established and continues to exist. In support, statistical information of the South by Southwest Festival is revealed to support the reviewed primary data. Woven with recognized data and personal observations, I establish there is a recognizable greater Texas region blues hearth. The focus of this thesis has been argued and contested, moreover; it adds to the current forum of geographical analysis with an emphasis on music studies.