La literatura del programa Español: España, Guatemala, México y Perú

Statement of Problem: There are limited resources which incorporate Spanish literature, dialectology, history and culture while strengthening vocabulary recognition and grammatical concepts. As a teacher of upper-level Spanish classes at the high school level, I found that my classes performed better when I included all of these concepts while simultaneously sharing my personal experiences from my travels with the CSUS Spanish Masters Program. Sources of Information: I researched my information from my Bachelor's program at DePaul University and the California State Graduate Spanish Master's Program, along with class materials already in use. Included in the project are difficult readings and concepts from a multitude of texts, compact discs and photographs; however, the information is then broken down into easier formats to aid understanding. Various reading strategies and practice activities are integrated throughout the text to clarify concepts. End Result: The project encompasses and illustrates the various aspects of the CSUS Spanish Master's Program. The Spain and Guatemala chapters are now part of the Spanish 4/5 curriculum at Ridgewood High School District 234 in Norridge, IL where I teach.