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Masters Thesis

Between two worlds: macro, meso and micro factors in challenges faced by South Asian American LGB persons

This ethnographical research is geared towards understanding the lived experiences of South Asian LGB persons, residing in the United States. The thesis proposes that a strong LGBT cultural competency framework is needed to overcome challenges faced by South Asian sexual minorities. With this idea, the research delves into core aspects of South Asian culture using Geert Hoefstede’s cultural taxonomy. Also, the paper engages in in- depth identity construction of South Asians from macro, meso and micro factors. The scope of the research also includes immigration, group dynamics of South Asian diaspora and individual-level standpoint in ethnic South Asian social spaces. To achieve this the study, uses Harry Wolcott ethnographical methodology for data collection and analysis. Finally, the research sums-up on all cultural factors that affect integration of South Asian LGB persons into mainstream society as well as in-group South Asian circles. The larger aim is to bridge the gap in cross-cultural study, which is deeply rooted in western traditions of thinking.