Familiarity and impact of complementary therapy program as reported by the staff of Memorial Medical Center

The purpose of this study was to gain insight into staff members‟ views of familiarity, value and impact of the Complementary Therapy Program at Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, California. This study employed a quantitative questionnaire which was electronically sent to the entire staff to examine if they were familiar with and how they became familiar with the various programs. Findings via frequency distributions from the returned questionnaires suggested: (1) many participants were not familiar with the programs; (2) the participants who expressed familiarity with the programs affirmed their value to the community; and (3) there was a consensus of participants who expressed the value and impact of the programs to Memorial Medical Center. The Complementary Therapy Program was perceived as an asset to the community of Modesto, California and to Memorial Medical Center. There is room for another investigation in this area with more healthcare institutions, which may provide more consistent and generalizable findings than those found with one medical center involved.