Student Research


When thinking about extinction, rarely do fish come to mind. Marine life has become a popular topic over the years, but people rarely consider fishing as one of the main causes of endangerment of many of the ocean's inhabitants. Overfishing is the act of collecting more fish than is sustainable. This not only affects the fish that are being targeted, but their ecosystem as a whole. The Overfishing advertising series was made to bring awareness to the damages that commercial fishing brings and the lack of legislation to protect marine life from them. My infographic, poster series, and postcard deliverables all work together to showcase different parts of marine life effected by commercial fishing. The work as a whole was designed to draw people in, using appealing and vibrant colors, urging the viewer to inform themselves in a society where people are constantly berated with gruesome images in an attempt to guilt them into caring. I focused on educating the viewer and providing solutions to the problem, thus making them empathetic towards the cause without evoking fear.