Masters Thesis

Traditional and alternative high school settings: the perspectives of students in special education

Every year, some students in special education programs at traditional high schools transfer to alternative high schools. It is important for students in special education to receive high quality education, but this is also the law under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Over the years, considerable emphasis in special education has been placed on designing and implementing effective practices such as high quality instruction and smaller class sizes for enhancing outcomes for all learners, including those with disabilities, served in the general education classroom (Vaughn & Swanson, 2015). This research will examine students with Individualized Education Program, who have encountered difficulties at traditional setting high schools and have enrolled in Reliance Educational Academy, an independent study high school in Wilmington, California. The results of this research could be used to improve special education services at Reliance Educational Academy and other independent studies high schools in the future.