Developing International Mindedness Using Sustainability and Food Choices in a Project Based Learning Environment

International Mindedness is a developing theme in International Baccalaureate education that has evolved in the 21st century to include sustainability of the planet among other themes. This project has been created to develop International Mindedness (IM) using sustainable food choices in a Project Based Learning environment. The guiding question for this project is: How can teachers develop IM among students using project based learning through sustainable food choices? International Mindedness is evolving and schools are in need of resources to develop International Mindedness in students. Curriculum has been developed in this project which contains lesson plans, slide shows, a project description, grading rubric and graphic organizer. The curriculum guides students’ research about how sustainable their eating habits are and helps them design a more sustainable lifestyle that takes into account global implications of personal choices. The project has been assessed by three educators at an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program in a Southern Californian school who found it useful for developing international mindedness but also found it difficult to address standards with the curriculum in isolation. It is recommended that additional curriculum is created and shared that addresses the need for International Mindedness in students.