Graduate project

The number of deaf and blind personnel employed in programs for the deaf-blind in the United States : a survey

The purpose of this project was to collect data on the number of trained personnel with hearing and visual impairments, respectively, in schools, centers, and programs serving the deaf-blind. Other factors taken into consideration were whether the hearing impaired and visually impaired persons were given equal opportunity for employment and whether they were considered valuable employees to serve clients with multiple handicaps - deafness and blindness. The findings could have an impact in determining whether that field is readily open as an occupational or professional field for the deaf and blind. The major instrument used was a questionnaire sent out to various agencies, colleges and universities and regional centers across the country. The findings of this study indicate that hearing impaired and visually impaired persons are evaluated based on abilities rather than personal .limitations, and their skills in working with deaf-blind children receive top priority.