Discovering the Educational Value of Music Through the Performance of Selected Wind Band Literature

The purpose of this project is to identify the educational value in each selected piece and discuss what technical and musical demands they make on the ensemble playing it. The conductor should choose elements within each piece that can be used to guide rehearsals and develop the instrumental skills of each member of the ensemble. By having specific elements to work on, the conductor will then be able to establish goals for the overall performance. Being able to successfully achieve these goals will allow the members of the ensemble to gain a deeper appreciation of the music itself. When choosing pieces of music, the conductor should have a a clear reason for selecting music to program. Whether it is for festival, for performance at a contest, or simply to perform beautiful music, this will help guide each rehearsal. For school bands, part of the reasoning must be to help develop the skills and musicianship of the ensemble. For advanced ensembles an aesthetic reasoning can be used to select repertoire. This project is an attempt to focus on a few selected pieces and realize their educational worth to a school band through rehearsing and performing. In rehearsals the author hopes to see what areas need to be developed-technical or musical- as well as what the strengths of the group are. The intended outcome of this study is to provide research that may inform the repertoire programming of other directors.