Masters Thesis

Development of a High Efficiency Grid-tied Three-phase Inverter for Solar System.

Solar energy is probably the most abundant renewable energy which is of great importance to fundamentally solve the energy crisis problem if can be harvested extensively and efficiently. This dissertation reviews the solar energy conversion systems and focuses on analyzing and developing high efficiency single-stage three-phase solar inverter system. Firstly, the recently developed material for solar cell is reviewed, and the solar model is derived, as well as solar string model. Based on the output put characteristic of solar string, the current state-of-art MPPT technologies are discussed and the P&O method is adopted for simplification purpose. Then the system design of solar inverter is fully is performed. The hardware design provides the detail design guidelines for most key components and provide suggested component in the market for prototype construction. The latest GaN device is adopted to improve efficiency and six-channel compact driving chip is used to reduce converter size. After that, the control loop design for three-phase inverter is detailed, with current loop and voltage loop illustrated respectively. Finally, the simulation results for control loop design and MPPT control are provide to verify the feasibility of the previous design. Based on the structure of selected system and new semiconductor device adopted, potential high efficiency solar conversion system can be expected.


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