Does the Implementation of Safe School Ambassadors at a Middle School Reduce the Prevalence of Bullying/Mistreatment? and In What Ways Does the Program Impact Students' Sense of Safety?

In recent years the attention around school violence has grown, especially around issues of bullying and mistreatment. The research shows that bullying and mistreatment can have profound negative effects on both the bully and the victim; thus, it is vital to identify proper intervention strategies. Many various bullying prevention programs have been developed and advocated over the last 30 years, but the challenge for school administrators in identifying the program that best fits the needs of their particular school. Safe School Ambassadors is a student-centered bystander education program that harnesses the power of students to stop bullying and mistreatment and thereby change school culture. The purpose of this action research study was to examine the impact of the Safe School Ambassadors anti-bullying program on a middle school with a history of student bullying and mistreatment. The following questions guided this study: 1) In what ways does the Safe School Ambassadors program impact middle school students’ feelings of safety? 2) Does the implementation of the Safe School Ambassadors program reduce incidences of middle school bullying and student mistreatment?