Told in a series of vignettes, Callaway, explores life in a newly established gated community, part of the epidemic of suburban communities sprouting up throughout Southern California. Through the voice of Chris Parker, a 30+ mother, teacher, and military wife, we watch her struggle to adapt to the conformity of a modem gated community "run" by her nemesis, uberefficient mom, Mary Tillman. We explore the complexity of the residents of Callaway as they negotiate the role-defining parameters of modern society uncovering their own desires and needs as wives, mothers, and friends. Through their relationships with each other, their spouses, their neighbors and themselves, several themes emergefeminism, sexuality, materialism, and military life in modern America. Through satirical situations the characters struggle to define themselves within a community with guidelines meant to enforce conformity and eliminate individuality. The Callaway residents represent people trying to negotiate the many society-defining parameters of existence and the continued search for community, inner-personal relationships, and self-identity.