Blacktop Highway: A Collaboration Between Randee Trabitz and John Fleck

I directed and collaborated with performance artist John Fleck on a performance piece entitled Blacktop Highway, which I directed for Redcat's NOW Festival in August, 2014. Using the structure of classic horror films, we explore mixing cinematic narrative with the liveness of theatrical performance. Fleck plays a dizzying array of filmic archetypal characters live, on video and with puppetry. We achieve a heightened interactivity between them by using multiple projection screens, to create an environment of video imagery. In this project report, I describe our collaboration: from inspiration, to our method of generating text, to funding, to installation and performance. I discuss Fleck's history and impact on the world of performance art, analyze recurring motifs in his long career, follow with a theoretical discussion of Blacktop, and conclude with a self-evaluation of my own work as director and dramaturg.