Masters Thesis

Dropout Prevention Program, Oakland, California

A report of the National Conference on Life Adjust- ment Education known as the Prosser Resolution was held in Chicago on May 8-10, 1947. This conference set the stage for what might well have been the next great important development in secondary education—the achievement of educational provisions suited to the needs and abilities of each individual youth of high school age. Its action heralds the beginning of a series of significant accomplish- ments designed to achieve in fact the ideal of universal secondary education for American youth. Twenty-five years later, in 1972, the Congress, educators, administrators, teachers, and parents are voicing a need to change the present system of our educational programs to meet the needs of our youth. Within the last five years these same people have been stating that career education is needed throughout the elementary and the secondary schools and many schools are gearing up for such programs.

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