Graduate project

Latinx parent workshops for Spanish speaking parents of students in kindergarten

Success for students begins for students in kindergarten, where they must acquire strong literacy skills. These literacy skills are inclusive of the foundational skills students require for reading and writing. Research supports reading failure is higher for English Language Learners, low-income families, and ethnic minority groups (NELP, 2009). Additionally, Latinx parents have reported facing many barriers when learning the skills and strategies to help their children (Durand, 2011; Quiocho & Daoud, 2006; Thurmond, 2020). Moreover, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic these concerns have been exacerbated, and low- income parents report they are concerned their children are falling even further behind (Menansce Horowitz, 2020). The inequities of the digital divide are now more apparent than ever, after it was reported that hundreds of thousands of students still lacked the basic digital tools and skills (Thurmond, 2020). In order to address these issues this project was created with the purpose of educating Latinx parents with literacy and digital skills they can utilize to help support their children using Google Classroom. These workshops bring to the forefront as well as integrate Latinx parents’ funds of knowledge, in order to support their children’s learning. These Latinx parent workshops consist of ten workshops to utilize parents’ Funds of Knowledge and integrate the skill sets parents possess in order to support learning digital literacy skills and strategies. Furthermore, Latinx parents will learn about digital tools and devices available to them through Google Classroom in order to continue supporting their children at home.

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