Acutron: A device for acupressure bed treatment

In the fall quarter of 2013, I was introduced to the practice of acupressure. The motivation to help patients and practitioners has led to the design requirements and constraints. Designs, analyses and prototypes have been made, followed by trials that evaluated the performance of several components. Lessons learned include the value of off-the-shelf parts, rapid prototyping and second opinions. The project was postponed due to graduation of some members. In fall 2014, second generation of students form a new team with some previous members and have been working on the project with new innovative ideas, designs and concepts. In the quarter of fall 2014 and winter 2015, the client, Dr Jocelyn Chi, will be introduced with a fresh design of Acutron device, which has a row of two massage fingertips, stronger rolling ball bearings carriage, two spring switches controller for X-Y direction and stronger cylinder Z direction movement with air supply from the parent cylinder.